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Dear Customers

 To our Customers:

We take the time to express our Gratefulness, in having a Business with Such Great Customers.

In this busy time of year,   We wish everyone  a   Very  Christmas   and   Happy New Year !

  Thank You  All again .


Dick  &  Sharlene  Daniels

Dick Daniels  Lawncare & Landscaping


Dear Daniels   Snow Plowing

To Dick and all employees,    Thank You for  the Wonderful job that you did.   On Removing our Snow.   Thank you so very much.  See you next time.         Sincerely,  Jose` & Delores


Packwaukee, WI

Dick Daniels,

Thank You for coming out and plowing my driveway.   Great Job !   and   I really Appreciated it.




Dear Dick and  Family

My house has finally Sold !!     Please   mow lawn  in Sept,     I will call when I close to stop services.  I Thank You for all your  services and doing such a nice job over the years.       Pat

Sept. - 2014

Montello , WI

Dear Daniels Landscaping

Thank you for such a good job.      Dave

September  22, 2014

Harrisville, WI

Dear Dick Daniels

I appreciate your help and knowing that I can rely on your service in a time of need. (snow plowing drive ) . Thanks again for your help. 


Montello                         Jan.  2015

Hello  Dick,

Our Home is Sold and we Want to Thank You for all your Srvices over the years.

all I had to do was mention it to you and you helped us out.     Thank You,   

 I will also give your name and number to the New owners

Yvonne & Rudy

Oxford, WI                 2-4-15

To Dick Daniels and all employeees,

Thank you for a wonderful job that you did.  Our yard looks wonderful after your Spring Clean up

Dolores & Jose

Pacwaukee, WI                            4-8-15

Dear Dick

 Thank you Dick,

For grinding out all those stumps at the park !   We appreciate it   !

Montello   Rotary   Club

Montello, WI                                 3-25-15


I'm interested in findind someone to mow for me this summer, Every other week, Would like a Quote?

** By the way-      I was up there last weekend and looked over your work  (stumps and clean up )   Your crew did an excellent job., and I did reccomand you to a couple of my neighbors.   Thanks, Chuck

Montello, WI                  Whitelake                 4- 14-15

Daniels lawncare

We want to thank you for the Landscaping job. Thank you for doing a fine job !

Candace &   Al

Montello ,  WI                                     May   2015

Hi Dick,

Thank You So Much for the work you and your help did at my Grandpa's Home.  

We greatly  appreciate it.    You did a Beautiful Job !    Thanks again for your help.   Have a Great Summer !


Montello , WI

Dear    Daniels Landscaping

 Thanks again for your help.   We should be good on mowing for this year.   Will be call ing in Spring next year for lawn Quote.

Tracy  &  Tom

Montello ,WI

Dear  Daniels

Thank You  for your service.   We appreciated the work on our lawn, as this was a difficult one for us.

we wil continue to atten to our property    Sept & Oct. before Winter.   Call again in trhe Spring.

Have a g reat rest of the year !

Steve  &  Debbie

Harrisville, WI                                    Sept   2015